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China Internet Nationwide Financial Services Inc. (“CIFS”)

China Internet Nationwide Financial Services Inc. (“CIFS”) is a holding company incorporated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands on September 16, 2014.Our founders started our company to champion small-to-medium sized enterprises, in the belief that the growth of such enterprises will form the backbone of and spur China’s transformation from a middle-class country to a high income economy. Meeting the capital needs of the small-to-medium sized enterprises will be integral to their growth.

We are in the business of providing financial advisory services to meet the financial and capital needs of our clients, which comprise largely of small-to-medium sized enterprises. Through our wholly-owned subsidiaries, Hongkong Internet Financial Services Limited (“HKIFS”) and Beijing Yingxin Yijia Network Technology Co., Ltd (“WFOE”) and our contractually controlled and managed company, Sheng Ying Xin (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd (“SYX” or “Sheng Ying Xin”) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Kashgar Sheng Yingxin Enterprise Consulting Co., Ltd. (“Kashgar SYX”), we offer commercial payment advisory services, international corporate financing advisory services and intermediary bank loan advisory services.

The Best Financing Solution to Capitalize on Business Opportunity

We've arranged Accumulated financing US $2.8 billion in small business loans


CIFS is a leading provider of business financing solutions to the rapidly growing Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in China. CIFS was founded in 2014 and since its inception has become the leading marketplace for small business funding. CIFS has arranged US$1,471 million in 2016 in small business funding for of 29 companies throughout China. We're transforming the way small businesses across China gain access to capital to fuel their growth in the world’s most dynamic economy.

The situation for small and medium-sized enterprises in China is becoming even more difficult, particularly when it comes to financing. Unfortunately, SMEs in China, including businesses with excellent credit and a solid business history have difficulty in qualifying for their loan.

Our proprietary platform matches borrowers to sources of capital based on each company's unique profile in a safe, efficient, price-transparent environment. CIFS network of successful relationship, both within the banking system in China and with SME’s, combined with our ability to deliver a differentiated brand position, drives our accomplishments.

The banking system in China and with SME's, combined with our ability to deliver a differentiated brand position, drives our accomplishments.

We strive for opportunity, growth, progress, partners, clients, and our investors.